Classic Accident Scenarios (draft)

How many of these Classic Accident Scenarios do you recognize?

Have these happened to you or anyone you know?

Children leaving the house and wandering away from home?

Children run over by parents in their driveways?

Children hit by cars in streets or in parking lots?

Children drowning in backyard pools? (or kiddie pools)

Children exiting house through doggie doors and drowning in pools?

Twins exiting through doggie door and drowning in pool?

Children drowning in neighbors’ pools?

Children drowning on vacation in lakes or streams?

Children drowning in puddles or ponds?

Children falling out of windows?

Children forgotten in cars?

Children crawling into cars and getting trapped?

Children drowning at funerals or family reunions?

Children shooting themselves with parents’ guns?

Children shooting themselves with relatives or neighbors’ guns?

Children run over by lawnmowers or backhoes or tractors on family property?

Children darting away from parents?

Children injured or killed at zoos?

Almost all of these scenarios can be prevented through Situational Awareness and adoption of Protocols.


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